Orkun Agir


Orkun Agir was born in 1990 at Zwolle (Netherlands). At young age he got interested in percussion and folk dances from Anatolia, and started dancing in a folk dance group in Eindhoven. Meanwhile he got interested in music and music theory, and learned to read music notes, to play the ask? davul, and started making his first compositions. After, he started playing the ba?lama and tanbur autodidactically. He studied many books about music pedagogy and didactics, and started teaching ba?lama. In 2008 he entered the Codarts conservatory in Rotterdam, where he studied baglama with Kemal Dinç. He studied western music theory, counterpoint and harmony, Ottoman music and Anatolian folk music autodidactically. He left the Codarts conservatory, because of demotivation due to the poor level of education. He opened his music school in Eindhoven in 2011, started playing Anatolian and Mesopotamian traditional music in ensemble Roye Ma, in 2014 he founded OKUR Ensemble together with cellist Marlies Muijzers, in 2016 he started Simâ Duo together with soprano Rianne Wilbers.